Low Volume Inlets

DIGITEL Low Volume Inlets

We offer you a wide range of Low Volume inlets for a continuous operation (without integrated filter holders) and a discontinuous operation (with one, two or three integrated filter holders) with different levels of separation and flow rates. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as different connection adaptors, cartridges, baffle plates, nozzle plates, etc. DIGITEL Low Volume inlets are constructed as 1-stage impactors. In order to keep the weight low, the inlet is completely made of aluminum. All surfaces are coated with Ematal, which has been proven over many years. The Ematal surfaces haven’t shown any interactions with dust components to be analysed until today. The impactor plate can easily be removed for cleaning.

  DPM10/01/00/16  DPM10/2,3/02/47/M12x1 DPM10/2,3/03/47/PU100/M12x1

Low Volume inlets without filter holder can be used with several online measurement units, such as TEOM (Thermo) or BAM (MetOne) as well as with sequential Low Volume Samplers.

Low Volume inlets with filter holder can be used with controlled suction units, also in combination with magnetic valves.

standard sizes:
air flow: 1m^3/h and 2.3m^3/h
separation: TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM01
connection: 16mm tube, 31.8mm tube, M12x1 thread

We offer special nozzle plates which we produce according to your request (particle size / air flow). Please contact us.

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