Options – Cartridges

Our cartridge changers can be installed instead of the lower filter cone in line with the round paper filter. They are suitable for PUR foams, granulates or other materials. The options can be refit to Basic instruments.


Single cartridge holder

  • for PU-foams, granulates or other materials
  • the single cartridge holder is mounted instead of the lower folter cone, PTFE sealings
  • inner dimensions of glass tube: d = 100, l = 140 mm (other dimensions on request)
  • including two spare glass tubes or blind pipes of emataled aluminum, a screen and two transport-closure-caps

Brochure single cartridge holder



Automatic cartridge changer

  • with four cartridges (inner dimensions: d = 60 mm, l = 100 mm)
  • 8 cartridges, 8 grids and 4 transport boxes are included
  • cartridges, which are not in the air flow are being sealed
  • consecutive measurement periods can be programmed independently for each cartridge

Brochure automatic cartridge changer

Options – Data logging



Thermo printer DTD02
with bracket for easy fastening and 10 rolls of paper



USB printer retrofit
Prints your data on a USB stick. Attention: no internal memory, USB stick always needs to be plugged in.

Options – Meteo Sensors




Wind sensor
for wind controlled sampling


Ambient pressure and temperature sensor
Allows automatic calculation of exact flow values depending on ambient conditions.
Mounting options:
- HVS-inlet-ambient pressure and temperature sensor
HVS-ambient pressure and temperature sensor-rain drip rail
- HVS-ambient pressure and temperature sensor-inlet