DIGITEL blower DS-02

Controlled High Volume blower for autonomous, continuous measurements.

The DS-02 is caracterised by the following features:

  • constant and precise air flow, adjustable from 100-1‘000 l/min (6 to 60 m³/h)
  • exact determination of flow rate by air flow regulation ”enviro-drive” developed by DIGITEL
  • suitable for PM10 measurements according to EN12341 with certified DIGITEL PM10 inlet DPM10/30/00 as well as PM2,5 und PM1 measurements
  • convenient and menu-driven programming with integrated key pad and LCD-display. Controlling, monitoring and logging by integrated microprocessor
  • communictaion with third party systems: seamless integration in available measuring networks via RS-232C interface, modem, wireless modem and Ethernet
  • low-maintenance operarion, MTBF of blower: 36‘000 hours
  • for external filter heads, inlets, cartridges etc.