Accessories - Sampling


Filter holders

  • for filter diameter 150 mm (140 mm flowing area)
  • weight: 250 g, diameter: 174 mm, height: 12,5 mm
  • material: emataled aluminum with a screen made of stainless steel and a PTFE sealing ring
  • available seperately or in a set of 15 pcs
  • other sizes on request




glass tubes for PUF Hand cartridges, covers, grids





glass tubes for PUF (automatic cartridge changer), cans, screens

Accessories -Transportation


Transport case aluminum

Transport cases for glass cartridges are available on request


Accessories – Calibration






Calibration unit
calibration unit 100-1000l/min or calibration unit 400-600l/min


Transport case for calibration unit
delivery without calobration unit

Accessories - Installation


Roof pass for flat roof
  • made of emataled aluminum with a PTFE stuffing box and a closure cap
  • standard roof passes for pipe diameters: 16mm, 32mm, 40mm, 44mm, 45mm (other diameters on request)
  • with or without cable duct for heating and sensors

Rain drip rail
for DIGITEL High Volume Samplers in field housing

  • white powder coating
  • avoids water accumulation in the upper door gap

Extension pipes
Made of emataled amluminum (pipe emataled inside as well). Diameter 44/40mm, standard lengths: 0,5m, 0,75m, 1m,1.5m, 1.7m, 2m, 2.5m. Other lengths on request.

Feet extensions
Enhanced stability for DIGITEL High Volume Samplers in field housing

Fastening set
To attach a DHA-80 in field housing to a concrete or wooden floor. Consisting of: two mounting brackets (emataled aluminum), two stainless bolts and nuts.

Accessories - Inlets

Inlet with filter holder

  • the Digitel inlets for PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 measurement are
    also available with an integrated filter holder
  • for use with DS-02

Fly screen

  • fly screen for Digitel HVS sampling heads PM1, PM2.5 and PM10
  • easy to remove for cleaning

Optional heating available for all inlets.
Baffle pots and nozzle plates can be purchased seperately.

Spare Parts



3-stages, 200Hz, 1520 W, MTBF > 36’000 h




Fastening set for blower

Prints, hoses, other spare parts

We can supply spares for 10 years after sale. Please add the serial number of the instrument and a picture, drawing or description of the needed spare part to your request.