Enviro Sense

DIGITEL “enviro-sense” – a synonym for ecological and environmentally compatible acting

The automatic DIGITEL aerosol, gas and wet-only samplers represent an impressing synthesis of ecology and economy. They are oriented towards requirements of a long-term intact environment and therefore to a healthy and livable future. Our sensitivity („sense“) towards environmental questions („enviro“) makes enviro-sense a reality and reflects in all our products.





The following facts count to the visible results:

  • optimised production processes and deliberate advoidance of environmentally harmful raw materials and manufacturing equipment
  • use of recyclable and degradable materials
  • use of perfected electronics with minimal energy consumption
  • construction for a long life time and error-free functioning with the smallest effort

DIGITEL aerosol-, gas- and wet-only samplers combine knowledge and experience, quality and ecology – since 1970.